2019, I’m coming for ya

Something that made me extremely frustrated in 2017, which I swore I would not continue – and did- in 2018 was that I began to play life very safe as someone I did not recognize. If you followed the previous blog, you know prior to my NYC move, I lived out in the middle of Long Island after moving from Rhode Island (which socially and demographically is not that far off from one another) and almost began to wither away into this small scare person.

I lived life out-motherfucking-loud for so long that being comfortable was uncomfortable. And to be fair, I think the adjustment from College to Professional life may have made me assume that this is what needed to be done, but for 2019 all i’m saying is Fuck That Noise.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned is that I should never place the safe card and when I go, go hard. Meaning, you have to take on this perspective that things are temporary – this is where I would roll my eyes if I were you reading because my mom said this to me in high school all.the.time and it was annoying. But hear me out:

  • Any action you take in the day is only taken within 24 hours
  • As far as money goes, money is made to be spent. That’s literally is it’s prime purpose
  • If you do not say anything, no one will know what’s on your mind and you may be doing something to make someone else feel comfortable while you’re restricted
  • It is not your job to take up the least amount of room in life or to make yourself small so others can feel big. There’s being courteous and then there’s being ‘taking advantage of’ courteous
  • You have the same amount of time in a day as everyone else, this includes Beyonce

And my favorite one:

  • If it’s not going to effect your life in 5 years, don’t pay more than 5 minutes on it

Now, with all this said, I’m not advising you to rob a bank or do unethical heinous things. I’m just saying that, you’re allowed to live life and to have wins and to have mistakes. You’re human made up of thoughts, dreams, experiences good and bad, and this hidden/unhidden optimism that things will always look different tomorrow. And yes, today may suck, and yes tomorrow may suck – but if you can shift your perspective to seeing the the good – the universe, or god, or energy, or however you want to look at it rolls out the red carpet for you.

Shift your perspective to this:

If I take this job, do I have more to risk taking it or not taking it?

If I move tens/hundreds/thousands of miles from how, do I have more to risk taking it or not?

If I send this text, is there more to lose not sending it for *myself* than sending it?

And trust me, the job may not work out, the move may not be worth it, and that text could stir up some shit – but see the lesson that it shows; and better yet, what if it does work out? My friends and I had a saying growing up to make good decisions or good stories. Sometimes they are one in the same, but sometimes, maybe just maybe, thing can work out. And if they don’t, it’s not about the times you fall down, but the times you get back up. I mean, shit, that’s way they call it growing up; you’re suppose to fall down so hard you smack your head on the pavement. But, you have to keep going.

Again, I can almost feel your eyes rolling from the other side of my internet connection. And believe me I HEAR YOU. My ass moved from RI to NY in a week for a job that I thought, and still think, I had more to risk not taking it than taking it. I’ve moved hundreds (not thousands because ya girl is not ready for that, but Isis moved fucking continents so she can tell you more about that here (CLICK ME) ) and I’ve sent that risky text….last night…which was read without response…WHICH IS FINE! Why? Because the possibilities of doors that can and will open later are endless!

So 2019, in the words of a show that inspired this blog in 2018:

I expect you to have adventures.
I expect you to fall in love; to get your hearts broken.
I expect you to have sex with the wrong people.
To have sex with the right people.
To make mistakes & make amends.
Take a leap & make a splash.
And I expect you to unleash holy hell on anyone who tries to hold you back!

Happy Holidays xx



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